Garima Capital Limited Vacancy for Investment Associate (Senior Assistant)

Job Description

Functional Title: Investment Associate 
Corporate Position: Senior Assistant 
Required No:

Garima Capital Limited is a Merchant Banker, licensed by Securities Board of Nepal (SEBON)  to render 'Portfolio Management Services' (PMS). It has also obtained Depositary Participant  License from CDS & Clearing Ltd. to render DP Services. Moreover, the company has obtained  Fund Manager and Depository Licenses from SEBON to manage Mutual Funds. Company is  on the verge of obtaining full-fledged Merchant Banking License. The Company is located at  Kamalpokhari, Ward-01, Kathmandu, Nepal.  

Our core team comprises of qualified finance and investment professionals which shall enable  us to provide prompt and thorough service to our valued clients. We encourage an open and  collaborative working environment in which everyone has the opportunity to deliver their best.  We foster professionalism, excellence, cooperation among our employees and high standards  of business ethics.  

Position Summary: 

We are searching for an Investment Associate to evaluate and research trends and opportunities for our PMS clients. In this role, you will perform research, valuations, and appraisals of financial instruments, markets, and businesses and interact with other team members to deliver quality investment directives to our clients and business. 

You should be well-versed in portfolio management, have a keen eye for detail, and be proactive in finding investment opportunities. A top-notch Investment Associate is expected to perform well under pressure, possess creative and analytical abilities and adapt their thinking to quickly evolving scenarios. 

This position reports directly to the "Head - Investment Management Department". 

Duties and Responsibilities: 

The duties and responsibilities of an Investment Associate includes: 

  • Prepare, on a suo-moto basis and/or as required by the Supervisor, the action and result oriented 'Investment Memo', 'Divestment Memo', and 'Trading Memo' of the securities for the client(s) portfolios. 

  • Develop and communicate the strategy to generate alpha on the portfolios of client(s) under its management. 

  • Develop and communicate the strategy to make good any deviation as outlined and suggested by the 'Portfolio Performance Report' forwarded by the separate Evaluation Unit. 

  • Communicate to the PMS Clients (either through phone call or visit) under its management on a monthly basis about the performance and position of their portfolios. Prepare the action oriented 'Portfolio Rebalancing Report' of the Clients on a periodic basis. 

  • Ensure the investment management activities are in full compliance to the Investment Policy Guidelines and Standard Operating Procedures of the Company. 

  • Monitor, on a regular basis, the client's portfolio to make sure client's portfolio growth percentage is always above the benchmark followed/set by the Company. 

  • Provide constructive suggestions/feedbacks to the supervisor in order to attain the objective of maximization of client's profitability in every favorable/unfavorable situation. 

  • Assist supervisor by collecting varieties of data, facts and other inputs in conducting research for the purpose of selection of appropriate stocks while constructing the portfolio of PMS clients. 

  • Track, on a regular basis, the price movements of the recommended scrips in Investment/ Divestment Memo and Stock Recommendation Memo and take investment actions through consultation with the Supervisors after the recommended price targets are reached. 

  • Collect, verify, classify, analyze, interpret and communicate all the information of the companies or any other sectors deemed material for investment/divestment decision. Perform both fundamental and technical analysis of securities, to determine the potential investment/trade. 

  • Assist the Department Head in determining the optimum investment strategy to be taken under different market environment and movements. 

  • Join the Meeting between and among the Department Team and other personnel of the organization as and when needed. 

  • Stay up to date with market developments, new investment products and all other areas that can affect the markets. 

  • Ensure the proper documentation of the investment management activities undertaken. Report and communicate the daily performance and progress of the duties. Carry out other assignment on case-to-case basis, as instructed by supervisor. 

Qualification and Experiences: 

  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) or equivalent. 

  • At least 2 years of experience in the relevant field. 

  • Age not exceeding 32 years. 

Required Skills and Attributes: 

  • Sound knowledge of Investment and Securities Market of Nepal as well as International Market. 

  • Sound knowledge of Fundamental and Technical analysis. 

  • Demonstrate knowledge about Accounting, Financial Modeling and Valuation Techniques. 

  • Report writing skills. 

  • Sound Microsoft Office knowledge and skills. 

  • Excellent communication skills (both written and spoken). 

  • Learning attitude and self-motivated. 

  • Ability to work in a Team as well as independent functioning. 

  • Ability to demonstrate Adaptable and Flexible behavior. Leadership skills. 

Salary and Benefits: 

As per Company's Policy. 

How to apply:
Interested candidates are requested to send their formal application to by 11th April, 2024 (29th Chaitra, 2080) before 17:00 hours.

Selected Candidates are required to attend interview. The company retains the right to reject one or all applications without assigning any reason whatsoever.

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